Thursday, October 3, 2013


The cliffs at La Jolla are really picturesque, and they are the home of a number of different sea birds. There are pellicans and I believe these are cormorants.  There are hundreds of them, everywhere.  There is only one problem - they defecate all over the rocks that they live on.  This is an environmental disaster.  The smell around the cliffs is awful, if you happen to be downwind.  There were notices that there is an environmental clean up program in progress.  But it can't be easy because they can't just wash the waste into the ocean - they have to remove it from the cliffs without polluting the water.  Wow, what a mess.

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Anonymous said...

Such a shame. LaJolla is one of the most beautiful California spots, but who wants to spend any time there smelling bird poop? There're birth control pellets for pigeons - they should try it on these creatures.