Saturday, January 10, 2015

Currier & Ives, Sort Of

I was driving by Scudder's Pond just down the street from us, and I noticed all the cars parked by the pond.  So I turned around and found a place to park, and look what I found!  The pond was dredged last year, and all the non-native plants were removed and new varities were planted.  So the pond is much larger than it was.  It did not occur to me that with temperatures in the teens, that by now it would be frozen.  It is.  There were so many people skating, that I thought it looked like a Currier and Ives hand-colored lithograph!  Pretty, huh?


Anonymous said...

Very pretty & colorful. Brings back fun memories of skating at Nigs Pond.

Anonymous said...

It does bring back memories of ice skating at Nigs Pond. We were lucky that it wasn't far from home. All the neighborhood kids probably learned how to skate there. bsk

Anonymous said...

If it freezes, they will come. Isn't it amazing the way word spreads and how a pond of ice can draw so many people who love being on the frozen water, no matter how cold it is? I think it's Mother Nature's way of getting humans to come and play with her, to enjoy something she can give them without charging them a penny. We like that. Even the photographer who doesn't plant his feet on the ice benefits from her generosity.