Friday, January 30, 2015

The Magic City at Dusk

I went to the city today, to see some more exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I had lunch with my friend Stan, and then spent the rest of the afternoon looking at the Carleton Watkins photographs of Yosemite, from1866, and then an amazing collection of early Cubist works in the Lauter collection.  Once again I was exhausted and crawled out of the museum at 5:30 and started walking back down Fifth avenue.  And what a beautiful time of day it was.  The lights begin to show in the office windows, there is still light in the sky, and the stream of tail lights illuminates Fifth Avenue.  It was a magical time of day in the city


Anonymous said...

I love your last comment - "a magical time of day in the city" - perfect for your photo! bsk

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks! So many times the city seems ordinary, in some ways, and then something wonderful happens.

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty picture. Trace