Saturday, January 17, 2015

One Building, Two Buildings, Daylight

I did a nice mood photograph the other night of these two structures.  Nice mood, but not much information.  So I went back to see what I could see in daylight. You can see so much more of the structure in daylight.  I had to wait until sunset, because for most of the day this particular scene is backlit by the sun.  I am finding that with the buildings in this condition they are SO much more interesting. With most of the brick gone, you can see so much of the structure for the first time.  The photographs from here on out will be much more interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Looking at this photo makes me think about how much work went into un-building this former plant. WOW! I hope you put all your photos together for a historical society (or conservation group or something) because after all the years the plant existed, soon it will be gone... But, you will have an extraordinary compilation of how it was dismantled. bsk