Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stealing Ideas

I read in a photo newsletter that I subscribe to, that there is a photographer who did a whole series of photographs of trees, growing in unlikely places, or that looked like they were in a predicament.  I immediately loved the idea of that and thought it would be a good project.  It's funny how an idea can change your brain and your sensibilities. The next day I was in the city, and I spotted this tree.  I might not have seen this if I didn't have trees on my mind.  It also helped that there was snow on the branches.  I think I will look for more trees, and also make a collection of them as the project continues.


Anonymous said...

Yes this tree is in an unlikely place. Glad that your brain keeps working and you keep photographing!

Ken Spencer said...

Well, at least a small part of my brain is still working... :-) Thanks!