Saturday, February 14, 2015

High Water Mark

It has been cold enough that the harbor is starting to have ice on it.  That's cold, because the harbor is salt water.  Anyhow, I decided to walk around the beach today when the tide was out.  I found all kinds of interesting things involving the ice on the beach.  As I was leaving I went over to a small breakwater, and was stunned to see this!  The rocks were obviously really cold, and the water must have been pretty calm, and here is the high water mark - in ice!  I couldn't believe this when I saw it!  An absolutely perfect line.  If the water was rough, there would be ice splashed all over the rocks from the crashing waves.  What a find.


Anonymous said...

Unreal! Great shot. You will not see calm waters today.

Anonymous said...

Looks fake!! This really is an amazing scene...This photo is definitely a "keeper". bsk

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you both! I think I didn't realize when I took it, how interesting a photograph it was!