Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stan's New Camera

My friend Stan came out to visit today, because he was speaking at our astronomy club tonight.  So we got to hang out, and talk photography.  He brought his brand new camera with him - a SONY A7s.  It is a full frame camera, and the "s" stands for "sensitive" as in a high sensitivity to light which means , as I discovered today, you can take pictures in the DARK with this thing!  For you geeks out there, the ISO goes up to 102,400!  Most cameras shoot at 400, 800, or 1600.  This one is crazy!  His talk showing photographs he has done of the night skies all around the US was just stunning!  If you are curious, please go to  to see his work. Please click on "Comet Lovejoy" and "Yellowstone National Park."


Dean said...


Yeaah! An embedded link! Is it your first? Can't wait for you and Stan to come visit down this way... -Dean

Anonymous said...

I've made it to A Picture Each Day! Nice shot Ken. A minor correction- the ISO goes up to 409,600, even crazier.-- Stan