Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pie Town

We drove out to Pie Town - that's really the name of a town in New Mexico.  There are about four restaurants that serve pies, but only one seemed open.  What luck for us!  This is Janine and Lori, two delightful women who run "The Gatherin' Place" where they serve the most amazing pies.  I had blueberry with vanilla ice cream.  After they served us, the women came by to chat with us, as they did with all the customers in the small restaurant.  I am not sure what was more fun - the pie, or the conversations with the owners!  It was a magical day meeting them.  Outside the restaurant they have this 1940's truck which tends to attract visitors.


Anonymous said...

I remember a story that CBS Sunday Morning did. Bill Geist went to Pie Town and checked out at least 2 pie shops. Of course, he sampled lots of pies! Fun story. So glad you were able to visit. Hope the pie was scrumptious!! bsk

Kelly Gatlin / La Luz Photography said...

Glad you and Stan got to enjoy Pie Town, Ken, and the Gatherin' Place. Janine and her husband Brad started this cafe and gift shop just a few months ago; they're doing great things with it, plus planning to expand. Lori is a local, having moved back to the area recently, living on her family ranch. The friendship between her family and mine goes back decades.

Sorry I missed the chance to meet you during your visit, but I hope you got to see the Pie Town VLBA antenna. Having worked there for 15 years I took the opportunity to shoot many photos of it and its scenic surroundings, and I still enjoy photographing it. Some of my photos are available at, and the Pie Town antenna (PT VLBA) at

Hope we get to meet on your next visit,

Kelly Gatlin/La Luz Photography

Anonymous said...

I've wanted to visit Pie Town for years! Nothing beats pies! You're so lucky to experience the best things in life!