Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Colors of Sunset

On the flight back from Albuquerque to New York, we ended up flying at sunset.  I just happened to look out my window and was stunned to see the golden glow on the wing from the light of the setting sun.  So I took a few pictures.  I went back to my book, and then happened to glance out again, and the colors had changed completely, and both the sky and the the wing were illuminated by the sky glow!  I was stunned at the complete change in color.  What a sublime thing this was to see.

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Dean said...

Hi Ken- I took the same pictures 3.5 years ago! We were on the way back from Hawaii and caught the rise of the earth's shadow rising into the sky and the pinkish rim of the "belt of Venus" above it. Very nice - glad you got alerted to it and caught it! -Dean