Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Set of Twins, A Set of Twins

These two women made my day!  My friend Stan and I went to two museums today.  We started at the new International  Center of Photography down on Bowery, and then came up to the Met Breuer. where there was an exhibit of photographs by Diane Arbus.  I was just approaching this image of a set of twins, when these women came up to me and said, "Could you take a photograph of us in front of this picture?"  I said, "Are you twins?"  They said "yes" and handed me their cellphone.  I took several photos of them, and then asked if I could take a photo with my camera.  They said "sure" and this is the result.   I just love that they wanted to be photographed in front of this famous picture.  I told them that I was so glad that they wanted me to take their photo.  They were thrilled when I said, "You made my day!"

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Anonymous said...

Nice one Ken!-- Stan