Monday, July 11, 2016

Cute Little Beggar

This is the tiger kitty, who is the brother of our Grace, the black and white cat.  He seems to have chosen us as his home, sort of.  He comes by in the morning, and we feed him, and then he lays around in the sun, as Grace and Sam look out the windows or the door, only inches from where he sits.  We wonder if he hangs out because it is a form of being connected to our indoor cats.  We wonder if he knows that Grace is his sister.  He also shows up most evenings and climbs up on the porch furniture and meows through the window or door, to announce his presence, and his desire for food.  He is a beautiful cat, and this photograph does not show that.


Anonymous said...

He looks furious with you for not letting him in. Maybe he only smiles when you are placing the food in front of him.

Anonymous said...

The picture is OK, but the story is so very sad. Obviously, you couldn't adopt a whole litter and are doing a great deed by feeding Little Brother, but how sad to be part of a family and understand that you are treated differently. I've never had a cat. What would happened if you let him in your house? Would he fight with the other kitties? Would Grace run away if you let her outside to visit?

Ken Spencer said...

We would never let Grace out of the house. No telling what she would do. And we wouldn't let Tiger in unless we caught him and took him to the vets and had him checked out, and had him get his shots. But he is a feral cat, and shows no interest in coming in the house. When I open the door to feed him he comes right up to the opening - at one point I thought he was going to rush in, but he didn't. I do think he is happiest being outdoors, but there is some social thing there, which is why he takes naps on our porches.