Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tomatoes in the Rain

Since it was raining out this afternoon, I grabbed my Nikon with a Micro Nikkor close up lens, and headed out to the garden.  It was late in the day and overcast and still sprinkling.  These tomatoes were the first thing I came to, and I could see the water drops from a distance.  So I moved in close (well, not close enough for Dean, but close enough for me...   :-)  This is my favorite shot.  The color balance of the camera was set to "Auto" but you can see how the image is bluish green.  When I saw this color, I reset the color balance, and got the color in the image below, which was close to what I saw with my eyes.  But when I was editing the photographs, I decided I really liked the much cooler color balance in the first image.  I guess because it seems more mysterious.  What do you think?


Anonymous said...

The first one is very subtle and it being a grey rainy day, I like it better.

ken schwarz said...

Honestly, I can't decide. However, I think it would be interesting to see each of these still life photos matted and framed in two or three different versions; then, maybe, the choice would be easier.

Anonymous said...

I like the first one with the color tone.