Saturday, July 9, 2016


I had to go to Home Depot this afternoon to get some supplies for some projects around here.  Like stripping paint from the porch floor.  I took the usual back roads that are the shortest route, and passed this field, which is a front lawn for a big house behind the trees.  It must be just the right time for these wildflowers, because I take this road once or twice a week, and haven't noticed the flowers.  Or maybe because it was overcast.  In any case, this is subtle, but quite beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Serene! Did you want to run through the fields?

Ken Spencer said...

Yeah, I did want to at least get into the field, but this is an exclusive area, and you are not allowed to park on any of the roads in the community. So I was worried that a cop would come along and give me a ticket. So no running in the fields there!