Monday, July 25, 2016

The Gathering Storm

I was out shopping down in the center of the island.  On the way back north, I noticed towering cumulus clouds in the distance.  As I got closer to home I saw this very threatening "roll cloud."  Man, that looks nasty.  So I tried to get to the harbor to watch the clouds coming across the water, but it was too late.  By the time I got to the harbor, the rain was falling heavily.  That's the second picture in the series.  Then I decided to drive down and park facing the water, just to watch the rain fall.  The raindrops were fairly large, so I decided to focus on the windshield, instead of on the scene in the distance.  My theory, by the way, is that if you can't take one great photograph, then shoot three that are just OK...   :-) 

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