Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Italian Neighborhood

One of our long time traditions is to attend the St. Rocco's Festival which runs for 5 days every year.  It is put on by the church of that name in Glen Cove, the next city over.  Mainly what we do is to get sausage and pepper heros,  and walk around the grounds of the carnival, watching people on the rides and at the games of chance.  Then, of course, we stop and get a cannoli and a napoleon to bring home.  What is really nice is that along the sidewalks as we walk into the neighborhood, many people have planted sunflowers in a narrow strip at the edge of the sidewalk.  Beautiful, and kind of cool.

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Anonymous said...

Sunflowers bring smiles to peoples faces. Glad to stay with tradition and enjoy your meal at the fair.