Thursday, March 16, 2017

Entering the Oculus

We took a train into the city today, but I can't tell you what for, yet.  Then we took the E train south to the World Trade Center station.  When we got off the subway, we entered the Oculus, the most dramatic of the new buildings that are now part of the new World Trade Center site.  Then we continued west through the Oculus and then down a long white hallway, almost as far as the Hudson river.  What was cool, is that we were indoors the whole time.  I have been in the Oculus before, but there were very few people in it at the time.  For me the picture is all about the silhouettes of all the people coming and going within the structure.


Anonymous said...

So cool! Now I want to go - are there any food places there? (Sorry to be so shallow, but food can make or break an excursion for me.)

Ken Spencer said...

This is so funny... We needed to get something to eat before we arrived at our (secret) destination. Kathy thought there would be food there, but I was not sure. And we needed something like pizza, rather than a sit down dinner before our event began, because we didn't have much time.. So we ate at Penn Station, just to be safe. When we got there there were no food places immediately obvious, but when we continued down the long corridor, to the west, headed toward Brookfield Place and lo and behold, there were the food places! So, yes, there is food there! Have a great visit. It is a stunning work of architecture!

Anonymous said...

The Oculus does look impressive. Can't wait to find out your destination...bsk