Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Fog and Trees

It was a bit after suppertime when I went out to do an errand.  I drove by this golf course - it's a place I drive and cycle by almost once a day.  But this time it was raining and late in the day, and the light was fading, and there was this light fog in and among the trees.  I think it was the darkness and fog that got me to stop.  The killer is that the golf course is surrounded by a chain link fence and there are bushes growing up above the fence.  So the problem is to find a place where I could see over the fence and through the bare branches.  I had to hold the camera above my head, and push my arms through the branches and then shoot in the blind.  Then I would bring the camera back and look at what I had shot.  Then I would make a pointing adjustment, and shoot again.  Well, it worked, but this is photographing the hard way.


Anonymous said...

seriously kudos to you for your ingenuity and tenacity in claiming this shot. if you crop the shot to just above the wet turf the scene is literally pastorale

Anonymous said...

Only you would perservere to capture this great photo.

Anonymous said...

It certainly shows determination on your part! I like the photo so glad you kept at it...betsey