Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lunch With Friends

I drove out to Huntington today to have lunch with a work colleague that I haven't seen in eight years!  I chose Finnegan's because I wanted a burger and fries.  Finnegan's has been there since forever.  I parked in a big lot behind the restaurant, and then you get to the front by walking down this narrow alley.  On this wall outside the restaurant there is a painted mural that also has been there forever.  It is about thirty feet long - this is just a detail.  There is a sign on the painting that it was first painted by Philip Jordan in 1978, and then apparently repainted by him and two others in 2012.  This painting has been a landmark in the town for years.


Anonymous said...

I love the detail in this mural, but the more important question is, how was the burger?

Ken Spencer said...

The burger was delicious, but slightly overcooked... :-(