Monday, March 13, 2017

Fueling the Beast

There is a rumor going around that we might get some snow on Tuesday.  I am not much for paying attention to rumors, but just in case, I went out today and filled my gas can after topping off the gas tank in my snow blower.  It is a beast - you can see how large it is.  My logic was to buy the biggest one, because I had experience with a borrowed machine, which was much smaller, and when the snow was too deep, the machine would burrow underneath the snow, and it took forever to finish the driveway.  Not with this baby!  It eats snow just for fun!  Watch me go!


ken schwarz said...

Red snow blower and red jacket against white garage door backdrop - I love it!!! Better you than me, I don't look good in red!

Anonymous said...

I am sure your neighbors appreciate that you bought the "biggest one". Your snow blower does look huge!! The snow is really piling up here - about 10 inches so far. I may have to start digging out my car even before the snow ends...bsk

Anonymous said...

Love the red against white garage. Glad you are prepared and hoping it moves west and you will not have to snow blow too much.
Heading back from SC tomorrow and not looking forward to CT weather.