Monday, March 20, 2017

Grace's Father Appears!

This is not the greatest picture ever, but it is a historic moment in cat history.  The cat on the stairs showed up today, and that's the first time we have seen him.  Kathy noticed that he was just black and white in color, exactly like our cat Grace!  So we realized that this is probably Grace's father. He has markings and colorings that are so similar to Grace.  The mother kitty is under the stairs, and didn't run away when the new cat showed up.


Anonymous said...

Grace has beautiful markings. You have your hands full now.

Anonymous said...

I actually went back through your blog looking for some photos of Grace because of the markings...All three have the black around the top of the head. It would be great to have the family together but you already have 3 cats. And I'm sure it would be very difficult to capture "mom" & "dad" as I know you already tried to get the mother. It's really neat that you got a photo of both!! bsk

Ken Spencer said...

We did get the mother, and had her spayed. Actually, it was our neighbor Judy who managed to get the mother in a cage, which is wonderful. One less fertile female out there is a good thing.