Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Therapist is In!

This is what I see each day, when I am in the kitchen, and when Kathy is at work seeing clients.  I don't think twice about it because it is so common.  She keeps a sound machine running, so it is not possible for me to hear clients, or clients to hear me, unless I crash some pans together when making supper!  Today I realized that this is a photograph, because it is a document of our lives at the present time.  Sometimes it is hard to recognize the commonplace in life because it is so familiar.  Being able to see that is what makes great documentary photographers.


Anonymous said...

This is so symbolic. Looking at the picture quickly, I thought the folds of the sheer hanging curtains to be bars on the window and then after reading your blurb, I realized that indeed, someone who needs to talk with Kathy might be feeling like a prisoner in some way - restrained from feeling free by innate behavior or emotions. Maybe that sounds like I'm thinking too much about it,but indeed, it's a good picture that chronicles your life now.

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks so much for your nice comments! it is always fascinating for me to hear what everyone takes away from my photographs. I love that you found the image symbolic. So, no, it doesn't feel as if you are over thinking this. Thanks for the insight.

Anonymous said...

I never thought about the sound - either from Kathy with her clients or you being in the house. Brilliant to have a sound machine! It is amazing how we forget about the everyday activities that are a part of our lives. So glad you documented this. bsk