Saturday, July 8, 2017

An Aviation Legend

This is Al Cerullo, he is a helicopter pilot and a legend in aviation!  I went to another FAA safety seminar out at MacArthur airport today because I wanted to hear him talk about his career, and I wanted to meet him.  He began flying helicopters for the U.S. Army in Vietnam, where he spent 13 months and flew 1,600 hours in combat!  He was shot down and received a purple heart.  After he returned home, he eventually started his own company, flying helicopters for Hollywood movies, television shows, commercials and music videos!  He has more than 25,000 hours in helicopters!  I always watch the credits after movies are over, and I always looked for the helicopter pilot's name in movies that have had extensive aerial footage.  Al Cerullo was the name I have seen the most often, so when I saw he was speaking today, I just had to go to the talk.  I was not disappointed!

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