Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Green on the Rocks

I went down by the harbor again to see what was going on.  If you live in the NY Metro area, you know that the commuter railroads of Long Island and New Jersey have to cancel some trains because of track work in the tunnels leading to Penn Station, in Manhattan.  So the Long Island Railroad is trying to find other ways of commuting to New York City.  They are offering two ferries from the new Glen Cove Terminal, to Manhattan.  The interesting thing is that although the two ferries combined can carry something like 400 people, the parking lot today had less than 50 cars in it.  Anyhow, after checking out the parking lot, I came down to the beach just to look around, and found these rocks covered in seaweed with this wonderful green color.  I also love the brilliant orange color of the rust on the bulkhead.


Anonymous said...

Crazy green! I don't see that on the rocks near me. Great contrast.

Ken Spencer said...

I wonder what the difference is, to create this type of seaweed and this color. These rocks are on the north side of a bulkhead, so they are shielded from the sun much of the time. I don't remember this color in Milford, growing up.

Anonymous said...

What a bright color green. Have never seen this anywhere. I also really like the colors and pattern in the background. betsey