Friday, July 21, 2017

Mass MoCA, Once Again!

I made my annual pilgrimage to Mass MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts today, and was once again was inspired and enriched!  Mass MoCA and the Getty Center in Los Angeles share a quality, although you would not know it by looking at photographs of the buildings.  That quality is that the architecture of the museum is almost as interesting as the artwork it contains!  And that is certainly the case here.  The first photograph is of a woman looking at some abstract art, and I love the white-on-white chairs and wall, and her being in black was perfect.  She walked into the picture and was standing straight, and I shot one frame, and then she shifter her weight to one foot, and there was my photograph.  It is as if she was a dancer.

Mass MoCA recently opened an entirely new building which has been refurbished, and their gallery space has increased a huge amount.  So much so, that I was exhausted when I stumbled out of there at the end of the day.  I did a number of architectural photos, but this is my favorite - a view of windows and sunlight on the floor of the new building.

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