Thursday, July 13, 2017

An Portrait of the Artist

I drove into Long Island City today for a tour at a museum there - more on that in another post.  The museum was near Socrates Park which has a large display of sculpture on display.  I was walking around the park, and met this delightful young artist.  Her name is Tanda Francis and she is making a piece of sculpture on site, where it will be displayed.  In the background of this photo, over the artist's shoulder, is a a maquette (a small model) of a head.  She will be making a sculpture of the head, in clay,  which will cover the wooden structure in the photo, which makes the finished piece about ten feet tall!  We had a nice conversation about some of the technical steps she will go through to produce this giant sculpture.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. Glad you had an opportunity to speak with her. I hope that it is not too far away so that you can return and photograph the finished sculpture. I never could have imagined that this wood structure could become a head.

Anonymous said...

From the size of the wooden structure, I would like to see the finished sculpture. betsey