Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Hey, That's a Nice Drill..."

Yes it is a nice drill  To bad it doesn't work any more!  Well, actually it WOULD work, if I could get a battery for it.  I have had this drill about five years, and when the battery died after two years, I bought another.  Then two years later I bought another battery.  Finally, I bought this battery just a year ago, and now it has died, after one year.  No problem, I will buy another.  Except you can't!  There are a few for sale on eBay for ridiculous sums.  Then I figured out how to beat the system - I would buy just the cells and replace them.  Great idea!  The cells only are $38.00.  Guess how much a new drill with battery is.  You're right - It's $59.00.  How much of a waste is that, to have to discard a perfectly good tool, for lack of a battery.  Oh, it is a Ryobi.  Shame on them!

This shot shows the disassembled battery pack, and the individual cells are under that silver cover made up of attached circles.


Anonymous said...

hahaha cool, i have a few projects suited for that! you're hired! jk

Anonymous said...

maybe i should have read more closely before posting, hahaha, so hey is the white battery part in base a detachable replaceable something or another that you might get from a batteries plus place, kinda like home phone battery packs only much larger and with same specs as original?

Anonymous said...

Was this a rechargeable battery?

Ken Spencer said...

Anonymous: thanks for the tip on Batteries + Bulbs. Had not heard of that outfit. They do not have a battery for my drill, although they can rebuild the battery I have. Same price as eBay- $38 for a new one. Time to switch to a newer tool with Li-Ion batteries, which I understand are longer lasting and charge quicker.
Joan: Yes, this tool uses rechargeable batteries.

Anonymous said...

Planned obsolescence. Makes you have to buy more...I ended up with a regular drill with a cord because I did not want to be charging in the middle of a project. Never thought about not being able to replace the battery. betsey