Monday, July 3, 2017

Trees, Grasses, and Sunlight

We went out to dinner tonight and for fun afterwards, we went to Home Depot.  Needed to get some plumbing parts for a project that is going on at home.  We took the back way home, which takes us by tree shaded roads and a mansion or two.  I saw this scene flash by in an instant, and was dumb enough to drive on for another tenth of a mile before turning around. I mean, come ON!  But I did turn around and go back to photograph.  Here is this lovely moment with trees, and grasses and the sun


Anonymous said...

Plumbing does not sound like fun, but this scene is lovely!

Dean said...

Hi Ken-
There is a similar view out our sunroom window every night when the sun gets low - a golden glow filters thru and with the trees and river to the west of our house, it is just magical, but almost impossible to fully capture in a photograph. DOn't know why, but perhaps something about being in the moment... A lovely photo!


P.S.- From one astro-nerd to another, have a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

I love all the various shades of green. This photo is my new desktop photo. Serene. Calming. Thank you :-) betsey

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you all for the really nice comments! And the birthday wishes, from one astronomy nerd to another! :-)