Friday, July 28, 2017

At Breakfast

I stay at a wonderful bed and breakfast in Vermont, called the Henry Farm Inn.  It is a wonderful old farmhouse with an addition that was added to the back of it a long time ago.  All the rooms have wide pine planks for floorboards, and wonderful old doors everywhere.  I was sitting alone at breakfast the first day I was there and my plate of eggs and sausage had just been put in front of me, when I noticed the sunlight on this door and this beautiful doorknob.  I jumped up, got my camera off my belt and started photographing.  Pat, who had just served me breakfast could not imagine what I was doing, instead of eating my breakfast.  Of course all of you could explain to her that I am a crazy person when it comes to photographing the world around me!


Anonymous said...

It looks so comfortable and beautiful lighting.

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks, Joan. It reminds me so much of grandma and grandpa Spencer's house at Westside.

Anonymous said...

Love the wood door knob but what really caught my eye is the wallpaper. Has that old fashioned look. Also looks like the curtain is made of lace and pulled back. betsey