Monday, July 31, 2017

Port Jefferson

This is Betsey and Joan, and Joan's daughter Jenny.  Betsey and Joan are my sisters, and you always see their comments on the blog.  They took the ferry over from Connecticut to spend the day in Port Jefferson, and so I went out to see them and have lunch.  We had a nice time hanging out, and met some interesting people that we stopped to talk with.  This is a portrait I did outside of this yoga store because it looked as if they were in the jungle.


And this is the Grand Republic, one of the ferries that travels between Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Port Jefferson.  I always like to photograph the ferries coming and going when I am around them.  The boat is docking, and it is being controlled by the captain, out on the platform to the left, where he has controls for both the engine and the rudder and the underwater thrusters.  This is a big boat, as the photograph below shows.

I really love the "jungle" picture above, but thought I would post this photograph below, of all of us together.  I saw a family trying to take a picture, and asked if I could do it for them, so that everyone could be included.  Then when I was done, I asked if one of them could do this photo of us.  Turnabout is fair play!


Anonymous said...

betsy and joan and jenny you are so photogenic nice color contrasts -ld

Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful day in Port Jeff with Joan & Jen and you. I was so happy that you drove to meet us and spend the afternoon. Walking around, enjoying lunch, taking photos around town, chatting with other "tourists". Such a nice time. We were lucky to have such beautiful weather, too. Thank you for posting these photos! betsey

Anonymous said...

It was s perfect day! Thanks for joining us and making it extra special.