Saturday, July 1, 2017

July Birthdays Celebration

We had our annual July Birthdays party today.  It is amazing how many of us are born in July.  Amy was born July 1, I was born July 4, my mom was born July 9, my father was born July 24, Kelsey was born July 25, and my sister Betsey was born July 31.  Is that amazing, or what!  The pictures show Grayson and Evelyn in their pool, and then a blueberry pie by Kathy and a chocolate cake with blueberries and strawberries by Betsey.  And last but not least, our family portrait, with a few people missing who are living in other parts of the country.


Anonymous said...

A great day, minus the horrible traffic driving from New York.

Anonymous said...

Always a nice day with family :-) Glad you and Kathy both made the trip. Glad you had an easy ride home after an extremely long ride to get here. Kathy's pie was delicious! betsey