Saturday, October 27, 2018

It Never Ceases to Amaze Me...

...that when many drivers see a flooded road, they drive through it at high speed!  That's nuts!  I drove down to the water at high tide, to see how much flooding there was.  Not a whole lot, but the waves were crashing against the boat launch ramp, and the salt water went up the ramp and flooded the road.  I mean, if you have to drive through it, slow way down and go through the water slowly so you don't get water way up in the engine compartment.  I mean, it is SALT water!  After running an errand I came back from a different route, and guess what.  The water was all gone, but there was a small, older red car, that was stalled in one lane of the road!  I rest my case!

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Anonymous said...

Jenny went down to the beach one hour before high tide yesterday and road was flooded. She posted to Woodmont FB page to avoid the area. Some cars had to turn around even though the road is one way driving. Glad I didn't go exploring. Water consumed Gulf Beach all the way to the road.