Sunday, December 2, 2018

Fog and Frustration

It was raining lightly this morning, and foggy everywhere.  We were off to church, but on the way home we were on the back roads that go through a very upscale area.  It is a two-lane road, and there is no where to pull over.  It was so frustrating to drive by golf courses in the fog, and giant fields with trees disappearing into the fog.  So we kept on driving until I got to this area which I know, an which has room to pull over.  But I cannot tell you of the frustration of not being able to stop at the other scenes.  I shot this in color, but then looked at it in black & white and I like this better.

This is the original color image.  Do you like this better in color?  We did come up with a plan to use later for the sites where we couldn't stop.  Next time, Kathy will drive, stop quickly, I will get out, and she would drive off.  I would photograph and then she would come back and pick me up!  Brilliant, right?


Anonymous said...

I prefer the black and white showing the fog. Be careful what you wish for if Kathy is driving and drops you off to capture more photos. You hope she will return to pick up the crazy photographer! :-)

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I saw Joan's comment because I thought the same thing! Kathy might decide to not come back to pick you up...