Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Salon

This is the fourth year of the Salon that Liz, Sarah, and Amy put on each year, just before Christmas.  It all began when they got together to learn some Christmas songs and sing them acapella with harmony.  It is astounding to hear them and their beautiful harmonies.  So in addition to the three of them, called the "Tree-O," they have other friends perform by singing or doing readings.

This is Korena, playing her guitar and singing a song that she wrote about the mystery of Santa Claus, and it was really clever and very funny!

The "Tree-O" added another member to their group for one song - so this group pictured is the "Christmas Fourest" which includes their friend Donna.

The room was packed to the rafters, and this photo shows only a small part of the audience in the room.  You can see how much they are enjoying the performances.

This is Amy and Liz and Sarah, with Gus in the foreground, really enjoying on of the other performers.

This is Maureen, the mother of one of Liz and Amy and Sarah's friends.  She read "The Night Before Christmas" to the assembled, and she was such a wonderful reader, that she held the group in the palm of her hand as she read.  She has some acting experience in her background, and it showed in the way she spoke.

These are two members of the group of friends.  Lisa at left, has a daughter on each side of her, and her good friend Ellen joins them for a selfie.

This is Jen and she and her partner's 3 week old baby.  Lot of love in this photograph.


Anonymous said...

Love all of these photos of friends and family enjoying the spirit of Christmas and each other. Where is the live video of them singing?

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to see the house filled with family and friends enjoying music and laughter. The joyful Christmas spirit is what makes the holiday memories. Love to all and Merry Christmas. Love, Betsey

Anonymous said...

The photos really capture the joy and warmth of family and friends. It looks like a wonderful time with music and stories. Merry Christmas to you and Aunt Kate, Liz and Sarah, Gus and Amy and Betsy and Joan whose comments I always enjoy reading! Trace