Friday, December 7, 2018

My Faithful Companion is Being Retired.

I bought this camera when I retired, in 2008.  It cost $527 with a lens.  I had also purchased a professional camera - A Nikon D300 which cost $2500.  But I also decided I needed a less expensive camera to keep in the trunk of the car all the time - I didn't want to risk losing the Nikon.  I chose this SONY camera because I had done a freelance job for SONY Japan, and they sent me a couple of these to take pictures with.  I loved that this camera was so lightweight that I decided to buy one for myself after the assignment was done.  I have probably shot half the images in my blog with this camera over almost 11 years.  It has really gotten a workout, and it has been so reliable.  Because I have used this nonstop,  I am getting worried that it might fail unexpectedly when I might be away from home.  So I decided to replace it with a more modern camera.  This will not be the end of the line for this camera, though.  I am going to have it converted to do infrared photographs.  You might remember that my friend Dean loaned me a camera of his that would do infrared and I did that magnificent photo of the Japanese Maple where the leaves are brilliant white.  So you have not seen the last photographs from this camera.  I will tell you about the new camera tomorrow.


ken schwarz said...

The suspense is killing me. I am looking forward to learning what new camera you have added to your collection. I have a feeling the new camera might replace both your Nikon D-300 and the Sony and, if so, does that mean the D-300 will be relegated to the trunk of your car?

Ken Spencer said...

Primo! Stay tuned!