Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas to All!

Light one candle in the night.  Light one candle of hope;
hope for the world to calm its fear, hope for the news we long to hear,
hope in a child who will soon appear, Light one candle of hope.

Light one candle in the night.  Light one candle of faith;
faith that can heal a world in need, faith that can conquer hate and greed,
faith in a child who come to lead.  Light one candle of faith.

--Don Besig & Nancy Price “Candles of Advent”

Photograph: Milky Way rising over Casa Grande, Big Bend National Park, Texas.  March 2018


Anonymous said...

An awesome sky and beautiful poem ! Spectacular, Magnificent, Wonderful!! Trace

ken schwarz said...

Merry Christmas to the Spencer Family!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Merry Christmas Spencer Family on th the west coast.

Anonymous said...

Perfect! Merry Christmas to all!

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you all. It was fun to see all the responses this morning. It is a magnificent sight to see the Milky Way rising. But you need a really dark site away from city lights.

Anonymous said...

Happy to have my Christmas card of The Milky Way. It will be saved...betsey