Wednesday, December 26, 2018

" I'll Take a Bird Home"

We piled into the car and drove down to Abbot Kinney, to a restaurant called "Lemonade."  It is an amazing place with all kinds of healthy salads, like you wouldn't believe.  We were talking about driving over to the beach to walk the boardwalk for a bit.  Sarah said she had something else to do so she said "I'll take a Bird home."  So what is a bird?  It is a phenomenon that has been going on for about a year or so now - battery powered scooters!. "Bird" was the first one.  The way it works is that these things are just left in various spots around Venice.  You have an app on your phone, and it connects with the scooter and it unlocks.  It costs $1.50 to turn it on and then $.15 a minute.  When you get where you are going, you just leave it wherever you are.  At night employees of the company drive around,  and find where they are by GPS, pick them up, charge them overnight, and return them to various places for the morning.  It is an amazing system!  Actually this is a "Lime" rather than a Bird, and there are two others as well - "Jump" and "Lyft."  You see them EVERYWHERE around here!


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful for the young and "young at heart". I know NY has bicycles with the same concept. Much more fun than a taxi.

Anonymous said...

Seems faster and easier than a bicycle. Venice seems to be a perfect place for this. Nice photo of Sarah showing off the scooter! betsey