Friday, December 21, 2018

On The Promenade

We drove up to the Santa Monica Mall to see the movie "Green Book" and it was stunning!  One of the best movies of the year!  Then we wandered up and down the promenade which this year has this amazing web of lights suspended over the walkway.  We looked at all the street performers and wandered in and out of all the shops an everyone bought a little something - well, except for me...   :-)  But I did take this wonderful portrait of all my girls.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo of your girls! Love the suspended lights.

Anonymous said...

Always happy to see the smiling faces of Kathy, Liz and Amy. Love and big hugs to all. Love, betsey

Anonymous said...

Amy, Liz and Aunt Kate together, a great photo! Glad you are all together!! Love you all! Trace