Friday, January 29, 2010

The Other One

So this is the "other" photograph of yesterday's snow. I thought that this one looked more like a textured tapestry compared to yesterday's more graphic design. You can vote for your favorite, if you would like. It would be fun to hear which photo is your favorite. I was first attracted to the way the background trees receded into the distance - partially because the falling snow acted like fog does, and the more fog there is, the fainter the background. Please click on this to see more detail in a larger image. I love the delicate tracery of the dark branches.


Anonymous said...

Like this, but I like the first one more! Maybe it is fuzzy because you were frozen from wearing a light weight jacket! Duh...what my brudder thinking?

Anonymous said...

I like this; however, I like the first one better - the branches from the tree in the foregound look like they are touching the trees in the background. bsk

Anonymous said...

Well, I might vote for this one. They are both great, but this one has such a surreal, almost other-worldly quality.