Saturday, June 30, 2012

Can You Guess?

Can you guess what is going on here? We have been talking about the best title for this, and I wanted it to be a "blind hed" which is an old newspaper term for a headline that doesn't tell you what the story is about. So the photograph is of Liz and Amy and Sarah in the side yard at dusk. What could they possible be doing. Any guesses? OK, the answer is "fireflies." The side yard was filled with them tonight, and the girls were reaching out for them, and sometimes they would sit on their hands. The really cool thing is that Sarah is from Utah, and they don't HAVE fireflies out there, so this was a pretty exciting event for her.


Anonymous said...

Oh to be a kid again and enjoy the little things in life. So nice you can all be together to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture! Nothing like celebrating birthdays with family...near and far! Enjoy!
About the fireflies: I do remember as a child capturing some and placing them in a mason jar ( the lid had small holes in it ) then watching them 'flicker' in my bedroom as I fell alseep...fond memories for sure.