Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Lurkers Are Back!

The Lurkers are back! Thank heavens, because I have missed them! They have both been away at college, and then they took a vacation to Hong Kong! Now they are back, they need to get busy working on the telescope mirror they started to make last summer. I forget whether or not I ever explained why they are known as "The Lurkers." When they first started working on their mirror, I did a photograph of them, and wanted to put it on my blog. I said to them I had a photo blog, and asked them if it would be OK to post their picture. They replies "Yes, we know. We googled you already, and know all about your blog." So I accused them of lurking... :-) They are so smart, that my brain has to work harder when they are around. This is a good thing. is is really nice that they are back, at least for the summer.

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