Monday, June 11, 2012

A Strange Graveyard

Well it's not really a graveyard. Although when I first saw it from the street as I passed by, it appeared to be a strange looking collection of tombstones. It turns out that it is some kind of temporary entertainment set up in one corner of the large park in Sea Cliff. It is called "Cosmic Croquet." I drove by the other day, and there was someone in a ticket booth. I guess you pay for a croquet mallet, and a ball, and then you play the course. This is not a teaching exercise. Each of the "tombstones" have some amazing and very clever artwork on them, and some kind of statement about the universe as well. And some have a semi-circular opening on the bottom that serves at a croquet "wicket" I guess. The number of these "tombstones" is astounding - I am guessing there are nearly 50 of these on display, and they are not tiny things - most of them are chest high, or waist high. Seeing these in passing sure was an attention getter!

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Anonymous said...

Strange but amazing. You wonder how someone came up with this idea.