Saturday, June 2, 2012

Desert Rats

So this is the last post from Chaco. I thought I would show you the cast of characters. This picture was taken in front of a big rock in the campsite where our tent was, and the light was really nice here, so I decided to do a group portrait. That is Stan on the left, and Rush in the center, and me with the beat up old stetson. Desert rats, all of us. But from the photographs I have showed you, you can certainly understand the attraction of this place.


Anonymous said...

Happy to see the faces of photographer campers, but had to smile at your standard dress code - white button down shirt in the desert!

ken schwarz said...

I'm with Joan on this one. Your friends look like they are appropriately attired for camping and climbing around old ruins. But it looks like you are ready to put in a day at the office on casual Friday. But you got some amazing photos during your adventure so we'll let your lapse in dress code slide this time. The funny thing is that for all other events you dress to the part like the time you had a gig photographing Walter Cronkite on his sailboat and bought a new bright yellow foul weather jacket so you could look cool for the shoot.

Ken Spencer said...

No, I already owned the foul weather gear. I told the company that I HAD to have foul weather gear to do the story on Equation, during the Block Island Race. Oh, and I got to keep the gear... :-)