Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 1 - The Black & White Challenge

There is a thing going around on Facebook called "The Black & White Challenge."  It starts with a photographer nominating a friend to post one black & white image a day, for five days.  So my friend Stan Honda nominated me today, and I am off and running.  The project runs on Facebook, but I thought that you would enjoy seeing what I am posting there.  Some of you will see my Facebook posts, but for everyone else, I will be posting each of the five photographs here as well.  This is the famous Japanese Maple tree, photographed with a camera that my friend in Tucson, Dean Ketelsen insisted that I borrow from him.  That camera records infrared light, and thus the green leaves of the tree register as bright white.


Anonymous said...

Love this photo! So, who did you nominate? bsk

Anonymous said...


Ken Spencer said...

I'm still working on my nomination possibilities.