Monday, November 10, 2014

The B&W Challenge - Bonus Image

The B&W Challenge is all done, but I have one other photograph that I want to post. Think of it as a "Bonus Image." I have always been fascinated by all the abandoned mental hospitals that were on Long Island, so twenty years ago I proposed a photo essay which an editor friend called "The Architecture of Despair." (Thanks Ridgely!) So I shot the whole series with a 4x5 view camera in black & white. I had to fight tooth and nail to be able to shoot B&W. The big deal editor wanted it shot in color, so I ended up shooting both. The cover ran in color, and all the inside photographs, fortunately, ran in black & white.


ken schwarz said...

I am so glad you posted a bonus Black & White photo!
Each photo in the series is unique and creative and I had intended to offer a comment on my personal favorite: Day 3, "door of an abandoned farmhouse" but somehow time got away from me yesterday and now I am torn between the farmhouse door and todays "The architecture of Despair". The ray of sunlight shining into the dismal hallway grabbed my attention. It's hard to imagine how or why the "big deal editor" thought a photo essay on Long Island's mental hospitals should be shown in color. Glad you won!

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks, Primo! And it is fun for me hear which photographs people enjoy the most. Kathy was blown away with the farmhouse door in Ovid, as well, so you are in good company.