Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Big changes to the plant yesterday!  I drove by in the morning and I could see the north wall of the plant still standing, but they were cutting the I-beams with torches.  When I came by again, late in the day, the whole wall was gone!  I talked to another man who was looking at the wreckage, and he explained how they brought the wall down.  Explosives!  Oh man, I wish I had seen that!  He said there were a number of quick explosions, which cut the bottom of the I-beams supporting the wall, and down it all came.  And I missed it all...  sigh...  Please click on this to enlarge it, and see more detail in the pile of rubble.


Anonymous said...

You will need to set up camp so you can see the next wall come down! The entire process is amazing. Glad you have captured so much in photos.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you missed the explosions taking the wall down. Hope you get to see/record the next one. bsk