Saturday, November 22, 2014

(mostly) True Things

We went to a really cool thing tonight.  It is called a "storytelling slam" and it consisted of about fifty people in a small studio, and four storytellers.  What happens is that one by one each stands at the front of the room, and tells a story.  The stories are all true, EXCEPT that three of the four stories have some small lies added to them, and one is the complete truth.  This ups the ante for the listeners, trying to decide while listening, who is lying and who it telling the truth.  And the end, there is a chance to question the story tellers, and then we vote on our choice for the truth teller.  All four stories were wonderful, but I didn't guess correctly.  Kathy did, however, and won a coffee mug!  It was an amazing evening!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun and I would expect Kathy to win as she is such a good listener! :-)

Ken Spencer said...

She is indeed, a great listener! Thanks.