Monday, November 17, 2014

The Lure of Black & White_6

I am coming to the end of my extended black & white postings.  I really do need to get back to my daily blog posts.  This is another photograph shot with a 4x5 camera.  It is the cemetery on the East Hampton green.  There are a lot of early gravestones there, and it is on the edge of a pond, and it is a very picturesque scene.  But I was taken by the fence and steps.  What?  Why are there stairs into a cemetery?  Do you have any idea why?  Think about it for a second.  I am guessing the answer is "cows."  I am guessing that they used to let cows graze on the green, and this is the only way for people to be able to enter the cemetery but not cows.  What do you think?

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