Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 5 - The Black & White Challenge

Day 5 of the B&W Challenge. About 10 years ago I got a freelance assignment from SONY to take some beautiful landscape photographs, anywhere in the United States I wanted to go. They sent me two cameras, and a whole box of lenses. Only problem was that it was February! So I chose California. I contacted an astronomer that I knew in California, who I knew was an outdoor guy to ask for suggestions. He said that I HAD to stop at Montana de Oro State Park. He was absolutely right, and this is where I took the best photograph from the whole week-long trip!


Anonymous said...

Ken, The b&w pics looks nice in a row on the blog. Almost like an exhibit in a gallery: the Ken Spencer b&w images. --Stan

Photodude Images said...

Why can't someone do that for me.

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks, Stan. And thanks for nominating me. It was really fun tracking down some of my old photographs in black & white.