Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Lure of Black & White_7

This will be my last extended post of the black & white images. I need to get back to my regular blog posts of "A Picture Each Day." I call this one "Ansel Adams on the iPhone." I always bring my iPhone on my bike rides each day, in case I crash or something, and I also use it to take pictures if I find something interesting along my route. When my ride is over, I take a rest on a park bench on the edge of the harbor. That's where I saw these clouds and rocks at the water's edge. I saw this as a black and white image - I guess because of the cumulus clouds. It did remind me of an Ansel Adams photograph, so I used the Hipstamatic app to shoot it only in black & white.  Tomorrow I will be back to my color images.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Love the clouds & rocks.