Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, and the usual order of the Mass changes.  The Priest and Deacon and the Eucharistic ministers  begin by walking from the rear of the church down to the altar in the front, as parishioners, who have been given palms, wave them as the procession proceeds.  The people near us had time to take some of their palms and fold them into crosses before the service began.  I thought the picture would be better if everyone was waving the full length palms.  Oh well.


Anonymous said...

As kids, we made crosses with the palms we got at church and taped them to our bedroom wall. These days, there are always palm crosses at cemeteries. I like the idea of recycling them into a symbol of faith and love that's universal to all Christians.

Anonymous said...

I also remember making a cross out of the palms we received at church. bsk